Can mammoths return?

September 20, 2007 Many years ago I read about an explorers’ club in New York dining on one-inch cubes of mammoth meat that had been cut from a mammoth found encased in ice in Siberia.

Adventures of Chloe

September 18, 2007 Why does this always seem to happen to me? Last week, my cat fell into ... (wait for it) ... a pan of used motor oil!

Information sought

September 13, 2007 Famous country singer “Gentleman Jim” Reeves died in an airplane crash near Nashville, Tenn., on July 31, 1964 after looking at and perhaps agreeing to a deal to buy some property near Bat

Nature vs. nurture

September 11, 2007 I’ve been reading a book by Kristin Hannah, called “Magic Hour.” I found it in a flea market in Jonesboro for a couple bucks, and it seemed fairly interesting even though I haven&rsq

Eating little ‘rats’

September 10, 2007 I’m sure everyone out there has heard Ray Stevens’ song “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” all about a nutty rodent that wreaks havoc in a small Southern church one Sunday morning.

Flying underwater

September 6, 2007 One of the few birds I am aware of that fly underwater and walks on the bottoms of streams as well is the water ouzel, also known in the Americas as the American Dipper.

Busy time ahead

September 4, 2007 Hunting season has definitely arrived. Saturday morning, I awoke to the sound of pow, pow, pow, powpowpow, coming from somewhere to the east of my bedroom window.

A matter of perspective

September 4, 2007 People ask: Whatever happened to romance? The answer is: Nothing. It’s still around. Those who feel they don’t have it just need a new perspective.