Terrorists’ propaganda

February 2, 2007 I’m writing concerning the garbage that you call a cartoon, which came out in Wednesdays paper on January 31st daily propaganda for the terrorist I hope that the elite media can sleep well, beca

What’s in your stew?

February 1, 2007 People have gotten rabbits and hares mixed up for centuries. If you kill a cottontail, have you bagged a rabbit or a hare?

Ugly flower patrol

January 31, 2007 The ugly flower mystery started when my oldest daughter phoned me several months ago and asked, “Did you put those ugly flowers on dad’s grave?”

No itsy bitsy spider

January 30, 2007 My dad and brother inadvertently came across a rather large brown recluse spider this weekend, reminding me why I hate spiders.

Letter to the editor

January 29, 2007 Dear editor:  I am writing this letter in response to her Editorialship’s piece on 1-24-07 entitled Lettuce Begin.

Maine Coons are where?

January 25, 2007 Maine Coon cats may be in the area, but they’re nothing to worry about. A Guion area family reports seeing two different wild cats that clearly seem to be Maine Coons.

Lettuce begin

January 24, 2007 Lettuce begin this week’s column by saying there are approximately 101 ways to eat lettuce, and in the past three weeks I’ve become quite a connoisseur of salads.

Chick controversy

January 22, 2007 My husband got the bright idea last Easter that our kids needed yet another “pet” to entertain them.