Lower than low

February 27, 2006 Dear Editor: I thought the days of people stealing flowers and other items from gravesites was over. However, I was very wrong.

Real policemen too

February 24, 2006 Dear editor:  There has been a lot of talk lately in the community about constables. Who are they? What do they do? How much power do they have? And so forth.

Protesting cartoon

February 24, 2006 Dear editor:  I protest the cartoon concerning Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson (Batesville Guard, 2-16-06). Not to worry, my protest will involve neither a demonstration nor violence!

Short rides, tall drinks

February 24, 2006 When I was a kid, I, like several of my buddies, made a list of all the things I wanted to do before I checked out of this world. One of those things was to ride a bull in a rodeo.

Safety measures in place

February 23, 2006 The question at hand is this: With everything going on under the guise of protecting you, do you feel safe?

How Skillet got its name

February 22, 2006 For years, I’ve wanted to write an article about the Skillet community, which I was at first was told only “is east of Pfeiffer,” but little information seemed available.

Inspector needed

February 22, 2006 Dear editor: If history is any indication, it is highly unlikely that the average citizen can get the locals nor the state to investigate something that they know to be in violation of the law.