Living with an artist

October 16, 2007 There’s probably no way to brag on my husband without my sounding stupid or sappy — or boring the pants off my readers — so I’m just going to jump in and do it.

Hot tub versus cows

October 15, 2007 I HAVE to find a way to reduce the stress in my life.   OK. Everyone can stop laughing now because I am being serious — really, I am!

Strange reptiles abound

October 11, 2007 A New Zealand lizard — or, at least, a lizard-like animal equally related to lizards and snakes — called tuatara is unique among living animals.

Deal with the devil

October 10, 2007 Deal with the devil. That’s what prosecutors claim one boy did in order to survive his four years of captivity by a former pizzeria manager in Missouri.


October 10, 2007 Dear editor: To all the thoughtful and kind people who were so generous with their time, love and help on Thursday night, Sept. 27, when Fred Gray died in Batesville:

My dad, Darth Vader

October 9, 2007 Sometimes I wonder if I am too attached to my cell phone. I mean, I went for most of my life without one — what, 21, 22 years or so?