Try a little kindness

December 28, 2004 Many of us dream of a white Christmas, like in the movies where people are singing and cheering the snowfall.

European experience

December 27, 2004 Twenty-one years ago, my brother- then a demanding 5-week-old baby - boarded an American plane to Germany with his parents.

The smile of Christmas

December 23, 2004 In the canned food aisle of the Ash Flat Wal-Mart, a man who looked as if he may have been an immigrant from Czechoslovakia or a similar country 70 years ago when he was 4 or 5 or 6, had a look of

Let a woman do it

December 22, 2004 One of the statements I most despise hearing is "Let a man do it," and this weekend, I proved that the cliché holds little truth.


December 22, 2004 I am writing about the Janie Ward case. I won't go into the details; you know them.

Baking mamaw’s cookies

December 21, 2004 It's been several years since my husband had any homemade "Dishpan Cookies."

First Christmas Card

December 16, 2004 What has been called "America's first Christmas card" was chiseled into stone on a recessed portion of a cliff in what is now Wyoming County, W.Va.