Proud to be ‘pasty’

March 1, 2005 Red and yellow, black and white - these skin colors should all be precious in our sight.


March 1, 2005 Dear Editor The headlines of the paper on Thursday, February 24th came as a great surprise to me.

Spring cleaning needed

February 25, 2005 No longer are the sidewalks of Main Street Batesville safe. They are either crumbling along the edges or cracked and buckled up just about everywhere else.

Senior moment

February 24, 2005 I've finally hit the age when I feel my age. And I can tell you the exact moment it happened.

IQ not in question

February 22, 2005 There are a lot of stupid people in this world. It's true. There's a lot of them just in this county! We are surrounded by them everyday and probably don't realize it until we pick up the paper.