Living in the promised land

March 16, 2005 The obituary of 96-year-old Verlin Jones made me recall a group of crazy young people who were in search of hell or the promised land, whichever came first.

Faith gave us hope

March 15, 2005 I lost my baby girl last week, and I feel like a piece of my heart died with her.

End of the last lesson

March 15, 2005 Every time I saw Fitzhugh Spragins, he told me how much he enjoyed my writing, that he read each article I wrote. But he wasn't able to read the last story I wrote.

When weather is weird

March 10, 2005 It snowed, large flakes, for quite a while yesterday morning, even though it wasn't really cold enough to snow. Or, I guess it was. But you know what I mean - it shouldn't have been snowing.

Que Sera, Sera

March 9, 2005 From my earliest memories adults have been trying to monitor children's musical interests.

More school mascots

March 8, 2005 Since Wednesday's column noted that mascots are considered good luck icons rather than role models, let's take a look at high school team mascot names that can be found on the http://www.tekonsha.k