What do you own

April 13, 2006 How much do you own? It may surprise you to realize that you do not own any property or money — in fact, you own only one thing. God owns everything else.

Another boondoggle

April 10, 2006 Want another boondoggle? Take your pick. We, here in Independence County have a selection to choose from.

You be the judge

April 10, 2006 Dear editor: Local Police Brutality ... Harassment, How Would You Call It?

Smoking ban drama

April 10, 2006 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Education was the main reason that lawmakers returned to Little Rock last week, but a statewide smoking ban provided the most drama.

Guilty by association

April 7, 2006 When I was a child growing up my mom was always preaching the “known by the company you keep” and “guilty by association” sermons. 

Consider overlook

April 7, 2006 Dear editor:  Please allow me to bring up a subject that has been on my mind for some time. In my opinion, we are way past due on having a nice scenic overlook atop Brock Mountain.