Letter to the editor

October 13, 2006 Dear editor: The Oct. 9 quorum court meeting left many of us with a sinking feeling.

New products available

October 12, 2006 It’s hunting season again — archery deer season is already under way — and a lot of new products are available to help out.

Political Disgrace

October 11, 2006 When it comes to marking that ballot I’m politically bisexual, which I guess makes me somewhat of a disgrace to both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Tractor vs. shrub

October 10, 2006 I’m not usually outsmarted by something in the plant world, but last week I was. Let me add that I was not alone. My dad was there, too, with his trusty front-end loader.

Loss of a sister

October 9, 2006 My sister died 20 years ago, on Sept. 9, 1986.

Voice of Reason

October 6, 2006 I have finally figured out the secret to the communication problem.

Feral, ferocious music

October 5, 2006 As several writers have pointed out since Jerry Lee Lewis’ latest album — his first in 10 years — came out a few days ago, it’s quite a surprise that he is the “Last Man