Music and roses

February 19, 2008 Yes, that was my husband you heard on the radio winning Reba and Kelly tickets Friday morning.

Running on empty

February 18, 2008 Remember how it felt when you were a child and your birthday finally arrived? All the anticipation and excitement? My two girls reminded me of that this weekend.

Letter to the Editor

February 15, 2008 I am curious how much research you guys put into your articles. The story of the USPS in Batesville closing is as far fetched as I've read lately.

Letter to the Editor

February 14, 2008 Dear Editor, It appears from the story in tonight's Guard that the U.S.Postal Service is about to shoot itself in the foot, AGAIN, and, in the process, shaft every citizen of this city.

United in a crisis

February 13, 2008 It's been a week. A week of sharing, caring, tears and fears as well as reinstating our knowledge that there are forces bigger than us.

Natives in the know

February 7, 2008 The discovery of 30 or more wheeled toys in Central America and more recently, from the Southwestern United States, according to one Web site, proves without a doubt that many natives in the New World

Letter to the Editor

February 5, 2008 Dear editor: I have just recently learned that the poorest state in the union has the fattest people.

Letter to the Editor

February 5, 2008 Dear editor: After I read the article about the low percentage of homes that recycle in Independence County that ran on Jan. 23, 2008, I couldn't help but respond.