Getting back to reality

March 17, 2008 Well, here I am back in the land of the living again. It's never easy coming home to reality after a vacation, especially after spending a week in paradise.

Yielding, rights of way

March 14, 2008 The sound of approaching sirens always gets everyone's attention, unless you are traveling along a city street or state highway and then it seems sometimes that no one hears them.

Chicken glasses revisited

March 13, 2008 OK, I will be the first to admit I should have typed "chicken glasses" into an Internet search engine. But I just didn't think I would get any hits on that combination of words.

Questions need answers

March 6, 2008 Maybe some readers have answers to questions I get. Here's an interesting one:

Presidential Library

March 4, 2008 We recently made a visit to the Clinton Library in Little Rock. Actually it's called The William J.

No to banana leaves

March 3, 2008 Well here it is Monday again. Usually at this time I'm sitting at my computer at work, trying to come up with something for Monday's column. But not today.

Giving up the habit

February 29, 2008 Have you noticed an increase in quit smoking ads? I have, and I find it invasive. Only a cruel world could make a person feel guilty about such a life-enhancing habit.

Mining my memories

February 28, 2008 When I was a lad growing up between Sandtown and Cushman, I could go outside on many a morning and count the sounds of bulldozers working, and reach as high as 27.