Staying with the plan

August 13, 2008 Like everyone else, I want to get slim fast. In addition to the weight gain my main concern is that I'm fatter on one side than the other.

Crossing the fault line

August 12, 2008 Is it ever OK to lose it? We've all done it. Whether it's railing at your spouse or co-worker or screaming like a banshee at your kids.

State waiting to be wooed

August 11, 2008 With two visits to Arkansas since March, John McCain has shown Republicans he has no qualms about wooing potential voters in a former rival's backyard.

Shake, rattle, remember

August 11, 2008 With that mess of black hair piled high, he stared back at me with those blue eyes. It was love at first sight.

Drilling for power

August 8, 2008 Republicans have their backs against the wall, facing a bloodbath on Election Day that will leave the party in shambles and the nation in the hands of the worst conglomeration of demagogues, scoundrel

What does it mean?

August 7, 2008 The huge ore pile at Pfeiffer disappeared a few weeks ago.

Victims of adultery

August 7, 2008 The clock read 2:40 a.m. A 54-year-old man with perfectly coiffed hair slipped quietly out of a Beverly Hills hotel room. He jumped on an elevator for a ride down to the ground floor.

Identity crisis

August 6, 2008 Don't you just hate it when the real you leaks out? It inevitably causes trouble.