Ancient Mariners

June 21, 2007 The Marked Rock in Rawlings-Stinson Park in Manchester, Ky., contains numerous inscriptions that, according to a sign erected beside the big stone, offer messages in at least eight Old World alphabets

More than a hound

June 15, 2007 To say he wasn’t nothing but a hound dog would be an outright disservice to Flash.

Millions at ocean’s bottom

June 14, 2007 It is ironic that I had a book about the loss of Spain’s 1715 treasure fleet on my desk, preparing to write this column, when an Associated Press news report broke in mid-May concerning the find

Fattitude, attitude

June 12, 2007 I went shopping the other day and was disgusted to find that everything over a size 12 was considered a plus size.

Multi-tasking myth

June 11, 2007 Trying to divide time between my job, my husband, my children and my home has never been an easy endeavor.

Schools miss ancient city

June 7, 2007 Anyone doing just the slightest bit of research should be astonished at the things we didn’t learn in school. Apologies for riding that hobby horse again, but it’s true.


June 7, 2007 Dear editor: On May 15 of this year, I lost my younger brother, Pat Rivers, who was 70 years old.