Gwatney left behind legacy

August 18, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - If Arkansas' Democratic Party can be described as the big tent in the state's political circus, Bill Gwatney was the perfect ringmaster for it.

Billy Bob the Boxmaster

August 18, 2008 When "Miami Vice" actor Don Johnson thought it would be a great idea to set his voice to music and record an album in the 1980s, he quickly discovered that maybe it wasn't such a great idea when

More respect needed

August 15, 2008 With all the great success stories you hear about our recent water carnival in Batesville, there was one major failure, and I sure hope, no, pray, that I wasn't the only one who saw it and was upset

Liberal and conservative

August 15, 2008 Have you noticed how unstable the labels "liberal" and "conservative" are when applied to individuals? Simple labels rarely fit complex people,

My heroic cousin

August 14, 2008 Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain has pretty much a direct link to the Farrier side of my family.

Dogs banned from menu

August 13, 2008 If you're headed to Beijing for the Summer Olympics, I've got bad news: no dog meat for you.

Staying with the plan

August 13, 2008 Like everyone else, I want to get slim fast. In addition to the weight gain my main concern is that I'm fatter on one side than the other.

Crossing the fault line

August 12, 2008 Is it ever OK to lose it? We've all done it. Whether it's railing at your spouse or co-worker or screaming like a banshee at your kids.

State waiting to be wooed

August 11, 2008 With two visits to Arkansas since March, John McCain has shown Republicans he has no qualms about wooing potential voters in a former rival's backyard.