Dog people, cat people

December 10, 2007 There are two kinds of people in this world: Dog people and cat people. Which one are you?

Musician bays at moon

December 6, 2007 Michelle Shocked is crazy like a fox. Or whatever.Maybe, anyway. Here’s the story and you can make up your own mind.

Ornament tradition renewed

December 4, 2007 For Thanksgiving this year, I did the unthinkable — offer to help Mom and my sister Sara with ornaments for Abby’s kindergarten class.

Start anew, right now

December 3, 2007 I’m sure everyone out there will be relieved to know that if our town ever gets invaded by subterranean worm-creatures, my husband can mount a full attack from our basement, much like Burt Gumme

Don’t starve horses

November 29, 2007 Last winter, this newspaper office fielded entirely too many calls about horses being mistreated, mainly because their owners were not giving them enough food.

Upside down life

November 28, 2007 The fact my Christmas tree is hanging upside down over my dining room table has not really even been given too much sass by my children.“We like it,” they said.

Holiday wants, wishes

November 27, 2007 Christmas time means Christmas lists with our family. Yes, we’re very commercialized. Lots of shopping, lots of buying, lots of wrapping, lots of giving, etc.


November 26, 2007 When you send or receive a letter and it takes days to travel only a few mile it is not necessarily your postman’s fault.