News of Other Days

April 21, 2008 Editor's note: This column ran previously in the Guard on May 2, 1995. 73 YEARS AGO

Through with recycling

April 18, 2008 I have always tried to do my part in recycling. I would place my trash bag on one side of my drive way and the recycling bin on the other side like the recycling center wants each resident to do.

This train was slow

April 17, 2008 For some reason, I had never read the infamous book "On A Slow Train Through Arkansaw" - until Tuesday night.

Unhappy with exercise

April 16, 2008 I hope everyone slept well last night. Many people in Cushman did not. I guess we should be thankful the Independence County SWAT team training was going on. But they trained from at least 1:30 p.m.

Joining the working class

April 15, 2008 The "working world." No matter if you have a weekday or a weekend schedule, it is still much like the quote-unquote country song "9 to 5," performed by Dolly Parton, and it's different.

Atchison’s claim to reign

April 15, 2008 Since I wrote my column about President's Day and visiting the Clinton Presidential Library, it has come to my attention that another person allegedly served in the country's top position for all

Columnist had insight

April 11, 2008 Dear Editor, In light of recent events that have happened in our community, I feel compelled to relay an article that was printed originally in the Guard on May of 1957.

Dogs are a problem

April 10, 2008 Dear editor: I am writing this letter to inform the residents of Southside that we have a pack of dogs running loose in the area of Linda Drive and Carousel Road.

Jefferson Davis’ camels

April 10, 2008 From the deserts to the sea, Confederate States of America leaders were undoubtedly among the most innovative officials of their time.