Build your dream

August 22, 2008 Sometimes, complaining is actually a very useful tool but only if we catch ourselves in the act.

Sun has never set

August 21, 2008 Sun Records and its founder, Sam Phillips, formed the basis for rock 'n' roll music - together with the artists he discovered and their music he produced.

Swapping lives

August 20, 2008 For a while I really got into watching the reality television show "Wife Swap" where the producers would find exact opposites and send them for a two-week hiatus where they had to deal with crazy

Scoundrels scandals

August 19, 2008 Here we go again, another political sex scandal. Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that these things never seem to happen to women?

Major malfunctions

August 19, 2008 Not content to be viewed as your ordinary run-of-the-mill hypocritical oaf, former vice-presidential candidate John Edwards compounded his monumental weaseldom by trying to sneak an overdue admission

On the catwalk

August 19, 2008 Milan and Paris have their catwalks. So do my husband and I.

Gwatney left behind legacy

August 18, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - If Arkansas' Democratic Party can be described as the big tent in the state's political circus, Bill Gwatney was the perfect ringmaster for it.

Billy Bob the Boxmaster

August 18, 2008 When "Miami Vice" actor Don Johnson thought it would be a great idea to set his voice to music and record an album in the 1980s, he quickly discovered that maybe it wasn't such a great idea when

More respect needed

August 15, 2008 With all the great success stories you hear about our recent water carnival in Batesville, there was one major failure, and I sure hope, no, pray, that I wasn't the only one who saw it and was upset