Kelly for prez

October 23, 2008 Kelly Newcom, who gained notoriety but no protesters at his shop, Spring River Tees, in Ash Flat over his so-called "Curious George/Obama in '08" T-shirts earlier this year, is running for presi

Sending wrong message

October 22, 2008 First in the front door that Sunday morning, J.C. Gumm found a five-pound surprise as he entered church. "I heard noises like a baby cooing," Gumm said. Mr.

Blankity Blank Blanks

October 21, 2008 Boy, are my mother and father uncharacteristically agitated lately.

Public, not private

October 21, 2008 They say grief is a private thing, but I have come to disagree.

Helen Wade

October 20, 2008 BRADFORD - Helen Ruth Ozier Wade, 73, of Bradford died Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008.

Love conquers allergies

October 20, 2008 I knew we shouldn't have given into her little cat cry. I knew we shouldn't have fed her. I knew we shouldn't have tried to rescue her.

On the hot seat

October 17, 2008 Recently, I found myself way outside my comfort zone facing a committee of men and women who will decide if I meet their criteria for a two-year study program.