Between good & evil

December 22, 2005 The recent news on TV and in print about the "war on Christmas" is interesting, especially in view of the fact that Lucifer (that's Satan, for those who do not know) has conducted an all-out war ag

Is Santa a Jedi?

December 20, 2005 Just five days left until Santa makes his yearly appearance, and it leaves me wondering: Is Santa Claus a Jedi?

Christmas memories, 1955

December 8, 2005 One of my fondest Christmas memories is not of actually receiving the gift - a toy train set - but of playing with the train later in the day at my "Pap-paw" Farrier's feet.

The thought that counts

December 7, 2005 It's not the thought that counts. I'm sorry, but it's true. When it comes to gift giving, people always remember vividly if you were a Scrooge, had a lack of taste, etc.

Village people

December 6, 2005 The National Village Weather Service Center has forecast a great snow for the Bruner Dickens Village and the immediate surrounding area.