Using religion to win

September 26, 2008 What began in January with Mike Huckabee's "Christian Leader" ads in Iowa and subterranean attacks on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith has further degenerated into false rumors about Barack Obama'

Going broke together

September 25, 2008 There's nothing more embarrassing than money. Or rather, the lack of it. People are more willing to talk about their sex lives than they are their financial status.

To pray or prey

September 24, 2008 For years, Tony Alamo, a self-styled prophet and convicted tax evader who for nearly four decades has preached anti-gay, anti-Catholic and anti government doomsday rhetoric, has been accused of preyin


September 23, 2008 Volunteerism not dead Dear editor: If you try to tell the members of the Extension Homemakers Clubs of Independence County that volunteerism is dead, you may get an argument.

Kids in the dark

September 23, 2008 Last week, I got to "rough it" just like in the "olden days." Except I was not nearly as prepared as the pioneers were, and I was a lot more vocal with my displeasure about having to do withou

A lil’ imagination

September 22, 2008 Before Sheriff Andy Taylor and Opie can even make it to their dining room table, I can already smell what's for dinner.

Fiddling with our rights

September 19, 2008 As the nation on Sept. 17 again marks Constitution Day, it's worth noting what a difference a few centuries make.

Child protection

September 19, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - The governor has ordered a thorough review of the state's foster care system, to make sure adequate precautions are in place to protect children who have been taken from their famili