Poll dress policy

October 31, 2008 A T-shirt can really get some people teed-off - particularly when it's worn into a polling place, it would seem. And in parts of the nation- now including Michigan, since an Oct.

Education money

October 31, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Legislators have done an initial review of higher education budgets for the next two fiscal years, but much work remains before the legislature approves the spending requests of two-ye

All about the candy

October 30, 2008 An ugly recession could have one upside. It could save Halloween for kids. Maybe I better explain.

Eleven lost towns

October 30, 2008 In the early 1980s, a woman visited the Batesville Daily Guard office to interview my good friend, historian Wilson Powell, who was serving as the Guard's business manager.

Day jobs and dreams

October 29, 2008 Does everyone have a purpose? And what happens if you accidentally spend your life doing something else?

Rick the Writer

October 29, 2008 Hello. It's me, again - Rick the Writer. We don't use last names around this presidential campaign anymore.

Our Hannah Montana

October 28, 2008 We packed about a week's worth of fun into a single day on Saturday.