Mining my memories

February 28, 2008 When I was a lad growing up between Sandtown and Cushman, I could go outside on many a morning and count the sounds of bulldozers working, and reach as high as 27.

Take it to the bank

February 27, 2008 For 25 years she greeted the same customers by name and they her at the small banking facility where she worked.

The games we play

February 26, 2008 I am beginning to wonder who first coined the term "multitasking." It's a busy-sounding word, made even busier by the lack of a hyphen or space (according to The Associated Press Stylebook - a

Real deep converstions

February 25, 2008 I spent this past weekend at my mom's house and had a fantastic time. Something about going home and spending the night at the house you grew up in makes you feel just like a kid again.

Music and roses

February 19, 2008 Yes, that was my husband you heard on the radio winning Reba and Kelly tickets Friday morning.