\”This will work?’ (NOT)

May 31, 2007 Has your e-mailbox been flooded with forwards suggesting ways to lower gasoline prices, with all or most of them ending with the words, “This will work” or “An idea that will work?&r


May 29, 2007 Dear Editor.  I   am a long time employee of Woodlawn nursing home.I was shocked and angry at the paid ad from the Little Rock Lawyer that you ran on Wednesday.


May 29, 2007 Letter to the editor I am writing in response to the article listed in the paper from the lawyer who was smearing the good name of Woodlawn FOR NO OTHER REASON than to LINE his own pockets.

Crowns of possum fur

May 24, 2007 Two crowns of possum fur, applied to the correct heads, were instrumental in making the U.S.A. an English-speaking nation.


May 24, 2007 Recently you had an article from Karen Davis, 14, Cedar Ridge School, being told she couldn’t eat lunch because she owed a lunch bill.

Barnyard animation

May 21, 2007 I sat down with my kids this weekend to watch yet another digitally animated talking animal movie.

Mother: My child wasn’t fed

May 18, 2007 My 13 year old daughter was one of those that was refused lunch by Cedar Ridge Newark school.  When she told me I was very upset.  A friend encouraged me to call the school and let them have