New cooking skills

October 14, 2008 Autumn is definitely my time of year, and I am soaking up all the fall weather I can.

American Bandstand

October 13, 2008 Fifty-six years ago this past week, a TV show premiered that had guys with their combed pompadours and girls in starched crinoline skirts longing to dance.

Actions speak

October 10, 2008 We are what we do. That means a lot - especially in these times when so many say differently.

Mouse & The Traps

October 9, 2008 Every morning before I went to school in 1965 and '66, I tuned in to a radio station out of Tulsa to hear Mouse & The Traps - as best I could.

Bailout is a crock

October 8, 2008 It's not your fault you don't know that the percentage of American home mortgages in foreclosure today is about 2.75 percent.

Expressing gratitude

October 7, 2008 Why do men cheat? For the very same reason that disgruntled office workers steal paper clips and people pout at family reunions: lack of appreciation.