One year older

December 8, 2008 Is 25 the year? The year of feeling old but young? The year when older folks laugh because they think 25 is young; the year when younger folks believe 25 is ancient? Seeing that I don't feel too old, but I certainly don't feel too young, does that mean 25 is the year of feeling in limbo?

Remember Pearl Harbor

December 5, 2008 Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, began as a serene morning at the U.S. Navy base on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The warships of America's Pacific Fleet rested at anchor. Many sailors were preparing for church or relaxing, and all was quiet at Pearl Harbor.

On the silver screen

December 5, 2008 It's official. Batesville has hit the silver screen. Do you remember when I wrote after last Thanksgiving that my daughter Nell had done some shopping for Hollywood when home for Thanksgiving? She'd moved to Los Angeles the previous June after graduating from Lyon, hoping to start a career in television and film production.


December 4, 2008 Writer: Tax will unite county Dear editor: I am writing this letter to encourage all the citizens of Independence County to vote for the one-quarter cent tax for economic development. Early voting has already begun at the courthouse in Batesville. December 9 is the date of the election.

Seeds of forecasting

December 4, 2008 Judging by several conversations recently, folks have been cutting lots of persimmon seeds open to see whether the embryonic matter inside is shaped like a spoon, a fork or a knife. According to folklore, the winter's weather is forecast by the shape found inside the persimmon seeds.


December 3, 2008 Tax will make difference Dear Editor: Most of us would agree that being a resident of Independence County provides us with a hometown that we can be proud of. Why? It's simple really - our citizens. We are a diverse community filled with civic minded, hard working individuals. In many ways we have the best of both worlds -we live in an area with a low crime rate, affordable real estate tax base and good schools filled with dedicated educators helping to shape the minds of our future. Yet we are just an hour or two away from major shopping, specialized medical care, fine dining and recreational venues. With all the positives offered to County residents, we cannot overlook some powerful negatives.

Totin’ Tour de France

December 2, 2008 I swear we tried to cull our stuff. I even told the kids that they should turn their underwear inside out for the second week of our trip. But there we were, lurching through the streets of Paris, six huge bags in tow - my husband dragging the two largest -as we tried to flag down a taxi.


December 2, 2008 Fox, henhouse approach Dear editor: I have a question for the voters of Independence County. Who can we trust? I am talking about the proposed one-fourth cent sales tax we will be voting on come Dec. 9.

Shop till we drop

December 2, 2008 I must be nuts. Or a glutton for punishment. I can't decide which, but I was one of the crazy people out on Black Friday. Gary and I decided to go up to my mom's in Springfield, Mo., on Thursday evening, then hit the stores bright and early Friday morning. But my sister and her family and cousin and his family were also there, so we had a full house, and my mom only has so many bedrooms. So I planned to sleep with my sister Sara and niece Abby in the downstairs bedroom, with Gary, our nephew Avery and brother-in-law Chad fending for themselves on the hide-a-bed and blow-up mattress in the downstairs living room. It's hard to describe the yo-yo relationship Sara and I have had over the years, but now we've got a good one, and when we get together we talk non-stop.


December 1, 2008 Support the parade Dear editor: A few thoughts on the upcoming Christmas parade ... A couple of years ago, I remarked to a friend that we here in Independence County have two major annual parades. One is often on the hottest morning of the summer, and our Christmas parade, which frequently occurs during one of the coldest, windiest nights of the year.