Rick the Writer

October 29, 2008 Hello. It's me, again - Rick the Writer. We don't use last names around this presidential campaign anymore.

Our Hannah Montana

October 28, 2008 We packed about a week's worth of fun into a single day on Saturday.

Just ‘think’ about it

October 27, 2008 To the driver who couldn't stand it that I stopped for an oncoming train near the intersection of Central Avenue and Main Street last Wednesday morning and decided to reverse it, peel out and go aro

Lottery puts spotlight on casino

October 27, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Instead of fighting over whether a state-run lottery would open Arkansas' door to casinos, both sides may want to ponder another question: So what if it did?


October 24, 2008 Search soul and vote The upcoming Presidential Election is not about Democrat versus Republican. It is not about white versus black or men versus women. It is about Democracy versus Socialism.

Protecting downtown

October 24, 2008 This coming Monday will be an important day for Batesville's downtown commercial district.

Kelly for prez

October 23, 2008 Kelly Newcom, who gained notoriety but no protesters at his shop, Spring River Tees, in Ash Flat over his so-called "Curious George/Obama in '08" T-shirts earlier this year, is running for presi