‘P o 8’ robbed stages

August 30, 2007 Black Bart the stagecoach robber from the 1800s would have had no problem with newfangled text messaging shorthand — after all, he signed the poems he left at two robberies, “Black Bart, T

The People’s Princess

August 28, 2007 I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Princess Diana’s death.

Camping in Hades

August 27, 2007 Ah, civilization. It’s so nice to be back. Traffic, alarm clocks, deadlines, indoor toilets and electricity!


August 27, 2007 NOW is the time to hold the tobacco industry truly accountable for decades of deception, disease and death.

Price of memories

August 22, 2007 It was a good day. Last week my grandson and I had our traditional Nanna and Zach outing. This is officially his day and we do whatever he plans for us to do.

A tunnel of fun

August 21, 2007 Now, I have never thought of myself as claustrophobic. Elevators don’t bother me, nor do tunnels, telephone booths or airplanes (unless I’m sitting next to someone with BO).