Boycotting the sponge

October 8, 2007 I don’t think I’m going to allow SpongeBob in my house anymore.

Melting out the dross

October 4, 2007 My first memory of the word “dross” came from reading about the smelting of silver. But how many young people today know what “dross” means?

Meth is a challenge

October 2, 2007 If I live to be a hundred, I guess I will never truly understand the hold methamphetamine can have over a person.

Strange, ‘healthy’ foods

October 1, 2007 Did you know that bull testicles are low in fat? Or that Tripe (a Mexican soup made from the lining of a cow’s stomach) supposedly cures hangovers?

First televangelist dies

September 27, 2007 The world’s first televangelist, Rex Humbard, died Friday of natural causes at his Lantana, Fla., home. He was 88.

Making an impact

September 25, 2007 Remember the Nike commercial a few years ago in which Charles Barkley said into the camera, “I am not a role model”?

Now our parents

September 24, 2007 OK. It’s official. I have turned into one of “those” parents.

Dixon, Davis to wed

September 24, 2007 NEW BLAINE — Billy and Ginger Dixon of New Blaine have announced the engagement and upcoming marriage of their daughter, Jessica Ann Dixon, to Joseph Craig Davis, son of Larry and Marla Davis of

Another princess

September 21, 2007 For the past couple of years my princess of a granddaughter has reigned supreme as an only child.