Eventually getting there

March 22, 2007 Several weeks ago, a very nice caller suggested that I write a column about John Newton, who wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace,” and a bit about William Wilberforce, who pushed anti-slave trad

A little misbehaving

March 19, 2007 I was in Wal-Mart Friday night with my kids when my four-year-old decided she wanted something in the power tool section.

Driving out snakes

March 15, 2007 The last glacial age drove the snakes out of Ireland. St. Patrick gets the credit.

Lying to ourselves

March 15, 2007 It’s payback time for the years I’ve abused when I should have refused. Sugar, that is.

Getting top billing

March 14, 2007 One can fall from grace, flat on their face and up a mountain.