It’s not Christmas yet

November 15, 2006 I remember when the Christmas season wasn’t official until the day after Thanksgiving.

Holiday nearing

November 14, 2006 OK, it’s nearly Thanksgiving and Gary and I have still not completely moved into our new house.

Letter to the editor

November 14, 2006 Dear editor: Please accept the following letter in response to Neldon Hester’s remarks in your letter to the editor section Nov. 9, 2006. Mr. Neldon Hester:

Letter to the editor

November 9, 2006  In a recent edition of the Batesville Daily Guard last week on Halloween, a political cartoon that had a Halloween theme was printed on the second page, where many cartoons have appeared before.

Letter to the editor

November 9, 2006 In response to Mr. Byron Southerland’s statement to the local newspaper please accept the following.

Family bonding

November 7, 2006 The holiday season is almost upon us and that means one thing: School kids will be out on vacation and we will be forced to spend time shopping with our children!

Movie merchandise

November 7, 2006 My 4-year-old niece has no idea how much she has in common with her great-grandmother.