American story times two

September 3, 2008 My mom, the next-to-last of 8 children, was born in 1933 - the middle of the Great Depression - on the family farm near Canehill, Arkansas.

Faith-based politics

September 2, 2008 Like red, white and blue bunting, pastors and prayers have been prominently displayed in Denver at the Democratic National Convention - as they will be in St. Paul for the GOP.

Letter to the Editor

September 1, 2008 Lower age limit? Dear editor: I noticed a college professor felt we should lower the drinking age for American youth. I thought college professors were supposed to be smart.

Food for thought

September 1, 2008 Sometimes a really simple question turns into a really deep thought, and the person who asked it has no idea that their question would be so thought-provoking.

Celebrate Labor Day

August 29, 2008 "No one wants to work anymore." When a friend and neighbor made that observation a couple of weeks ago, he set me to thinking. Now Labor Day is upon us. Do we have anything to celebrate?

Worrying about money

August 29, 2008 How do you enjoy your life when you're constantly worried about money?

Big pots(s) of soup

August 28, 2008 Options for column subjects were many this week, so why am I writing about something that popped into my head after I started writing? Beats me.

Fuel conversion

August 28, 2008 Like a lot of folks interested in saving money at the gas pumps, I recently started looking into ways to get better mileage out of my '96 Ford Ranger pickup.

Who is driving the bus?

August 27, 2008 Bill and Hillary Clinton have been so intent on keeping Barack Obama at the back of the bus that the division among some of the Democrats has become the main focus of the party.