At the Grammys

February 19, 2009 Dennis Crouch enjoyed the recent Grammy award show more than he thought possible.Crouch not only played upright bass for the night’s biggest winners — Robert Plant and Alison Krauss — on the 51st edition of the show, aired live from Staples Center in Los Angeles, but his peeps (people) also won five Grammys. That included a Grammy in the night’s biggest category, album of the year, for “Raising Sand.”


February 19, 2009 Dear editor:The officials in Batesville have it all figured out when it comes to paying for infrastructure improvements. About 80 percent of the sales tax paid to businesses in Batesville is paid by folks living outside the town. Consequently, when something new is needed or wanted, just get the town folks to pass another sales tax.

News of Other Days

February 19, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on March 4, 1996.73 YEARS AGOThe condition of A.E. Hightower, 32-year-old mill worker of the Ruddell Hill community near Batesville who was seriously injured at a local lumber company Wednesday night, is critical, according to attending physicians at Trinity Hospital in Little Rock.

News of Other Days

February 18, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on March 1, 1996.73 YEARS AGOWorkmen for the contractor constructing the sewer expansion with newfangled equipment have unearthed a glorious past while working on a section on lower Main Street.


February 17, 2009 Sometimes my husband has selective hearing.

News of Other Days

February 17, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Feb. 29, 1996.73 YEARS AGOWord has been received in Batesville of the death of A.B. Matheny, a former Batesville resident and hotel operator, at his home in Pleasanton, Texas, Wednesday morning. Mr. Matheny, who is a brother of I.J. Matheny of Batesville and G.H. Matheny of Maxville, was proprietor of the Matheny Hotel of Batesville, located where the Barnett Hotel now stands.


February 16, 2009 This Valentine’s Day I received my first professionally delivered flowers at my very first job from Luke.Twenty-four multicolored roses, delicately packaged from, were delivered to the office Friday.Pink, orange, yellow and white.Even without the red they couldn’t be more beautiful. Nothing against red, I love them too, but Luke being the traditional romantic has always opted for the red buds for the last four years, so imagine my shock to see that he deviated from the flower norm and got me my very favorite.

News of Other Days

February 16, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Feb. 28, 1996.73 YEARS AGODr. Thomas J. Woods, 85, of Evening Shade, a former Batesville resident, died at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday. Dr. Woods was born in Kentucky in 1850 and moved to Izard County as a small boy. He was educated at LaCrosse in Izard County and received his medical education in Louisville, Ky. He practiced medicine for 60 years, part of the time at LaCrosse and Batesville and the last 30 years in Evening Shade.

Letters to the Editor

February 5, 2009 Community well servedCommunity well served Dear editor: I want to express my appreciation to the board of directors of Dota Public Water Authority and to the manager, Rusty Paul, and the former manager, Murvelee Crigler.

Latigo & Grandma

February 5, 2009 In fiction writing, authors should always let the characters tell the story as much as possible. The writer should keep himself or herself from narrating the story. The same thing carries over into newspaper - non-fiction - writing, as much as possible. Sometimes it's easier to let the characters tell the story in a feature article rather than in a straight news article.