Lost in transition

September 10, 2008 I can relate to Scarlett O'Hara. Even though I'm an overweight, middle-aged white woman and bear no resemblance I can certainly identify with her.

Arkansas traffic laws

September 9, 2008 In this column I will be attempting to inform you of various Arkansas traffic laws, which will hopefully be informative and somewhat useful to you as a motorist in our great state.

A lost art?

September 9, 2008 Here's something I don't see much of anymore: Fried pies and baked cobblers.

Walk this way

September 8, 2008 From flats to spikes, rubber and leather, they come in all shapes, sizes and types.

Letters to the Editor

September 5, 2008 Other side of the story Dear editor: I recently read in the Guard on a "letter to the editor" section about illegal immigrants. Well, here is the other side.

Lesson for schools

September 5, 2008 School administrators can gain from a recent court decision some much-needed guidance on how to react to student voices they dislike.

Going on radio

September 4, 2008 Much evidence exists to indicate that many peoples came to ancient America in many boats from many places at many different times. The oceans were highways, not barriers between continents.

Freedom of Information

September 3, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - When the Arkansas legislature enacted the state Freedom of Information Act in 1967 it was immediately labeled as one of the strongest and most comprehensive in the country.