New cooking skills

October 14, 2008 Autumn is definitely my time of year, and I am soaking up all the fall weather I can.

American Bandstand

October 13, 2008 Fifty-six years ago this past week, a TV show premiered that had guys with their combed pompadours and girls in starched crinoline skirts longing to dance.

Actions speak

October 10, 2008 We are what we do. That means a lot - especially in these times when so many say differently.

Mouse & The Traps

October 9, 2008 Every morning before I went to school in 1965 and '66, I tuned in to a radio station out of Tulsa to hear Mouse & The Traps - as best I could.

Bailout is a crock

October 8, 2008 It's not your fault you don't know that the percentage of American home mortgages in foreclosure today is about 2.75 percent.