Old rockers never die

December 16, 2008 Old rockers never die. With too many irons in the fire, I've been out of the loop longer than I like to think about. But then, there are only so many hours in a day, and spending a good portion of them sleeping has always been one of my life's passions.

Investing recommendations

December 16, 2008 When times are hard or at least complicated sometimes it makes sense to go ask the advice of someone who's seen it all before or who's still doing well. Fortunately, Seth Glickenhaus at 94 years old is both and was willing to take a few questions.

Remembering ‘the love’

December 15, 2008 As I think back on Christmases past, it seems most of the memories become fainter as each year rolls toward a new one. Even as they blur, there is one thing that remains clear - the love and tradition that went into them.

Art of the pin curl

December 15, 2008 Looking at the photos and reading the directions, it sounds easy - "Ribbon the hair between the thumb and the comb so the strands are straight and tense. "Choose what size the curl will be and wrap it around something, like a finger to get the round shape.

Press in sea of change

December 12, 2008 As the First Amendment marks its 217th anniversary on Dec. 15, here's a quick look at where our basic freedoms stand - starting with a free press: As 2008 ends, most newspapers are shrinking dramatically in size, staffing, circulation. At least a few sizable cities - including, at one point, Portland, Maine - have faced the possibility of having no local daily newspaper at all. Analysts predict similar changes in local and network broadcasting in 2009.

Across the Arctic rim

December 11, 2008 An amazing amount of history and other knowledge is slipping into the past, and the story of adventurer David Irwin seems to be one of them. The story of Johnnie Cotton, who was once fairly famous throughout the North as the Eskimo King of Prince of Wales Island, is another.

A close look at poor

December 10, 2008 It's like a rock in the pit of your stomach; a cold clammy feeling that spreads up your gut and momentarily stops your breath. It's the awful moment when they tell you that your credit card is denied. Or you open the mail and you find out that your utilities are about to be cut off. Or the check to your kid's school bounces; or the IRS seizes your bank account; or your spouse comes home and tells you they lost their job.

Christmas is a birthday

December 10, 2008 Christmas is once again upon us, and we can expect to witness countless new displays of the rampant secularization of what is meant to be a joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Frankly I'm fed up with seeing federal, state and local governments, local and nationwide chain stores, and even the White House - which last year couldn't call their Christmas Party a Christmas party - all of them giving in to the intimidation of a handful of secular progressives who loathe Christianity and any celebration associated with it.

A toast to the feast

December 9, 2008 Friday night, I was transported across an ocean and time both to Merrie Olde England at the Arkansas State University Madrigal Feaste. Although I am an ASU alum and Gary was born and raised in Jonesboro, this was the first time he and I had ever attended the Madrigal Feaste. I loved it so much that I am ready to go back. We had a great time.

Trouble at Sunset Acres

December 9, 2008 "Let me get this straight. You moved into a gated retirement community and you're only 45?" "That's right. The wife and I paid 40 grand for a unit that was worth 120 grand two years ago! It's the best decision we ever made."