Voters confuse both parties

May 25, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The conservative Democrat won in the more liberal, urban counties, while the challenger from the left was buoyed by rural and conservative voters.Despite all the Tea Party talk of anti-incumbency, Republicans went for the establishment pick and one in eight Democrats supported a little-known candidate who believes President Barack Obama is a socialist.This wasn’t just the one of the most bitter and expensive primary in Arkansas’ history. It was also one of the most perplexing.

Summer observations

May 25, 2010 Two of my all-time favorite television shows ended their seasons last week, and without “House” and “Survivor,” I don’t know what I’ll do on Monday and Thursday nights. Summer week nights are actually a good time to get caught up on all the movies I wanted to see but never had time, but if it’s not too hot I enjoy spending a little time outside, looking at all our flowers, hanging out with the dogs and sipping a cold drink.

Approves cartoon

May 24, 2010 Okay, I’m going to make this short, sweet, and to the point. I loved the editorial cartoon in the paper May 21, 2010. I don’t have any idea who drew it but I give them props for speaking their mind. The last line is what got my attention: “When I get all steamed up, I will shout: Tip the feds over, flush the Commies out.” That was certainly one of the best I’ve seen in the Guard so far! Tim Krogen

A little kindness goes a long way

May 24, 2010 The waiter told the woman thank you as she handed her the check. “You’re welcome,” said the customer, getting up from her chair with her friend. Sitting nearby, watching and listening to the others around me, I heard the same response between waiter and different customers two or three times.

Separation of church and state

May 21, 2010 Not so very long ago, “separation of church and state” was as American as motherhood and apple pie. Despite perennial debates over the degree of separation, public support for the principle itself has been strong for much of our history. But in today’s culture-war climate, the very mention of “separation of church and state” is enough to trigger a bitter argument over the relationship of government and religion in the United States.

Unsweet, or sweet?

May 21, 2010 Kentucky is not normally a state that is seen as a bellwether to the national political mood. Comfortably in the “Red,” the Bluegrass State often passes through the electoral season with very little national fanfare. Last night that changed. For the first time since its rapid evolvement, the Tea Party movement helped a significant political candidate earn electoral victory —marking a notable increase in the movement’s importance to candidates across the country. No longer can anyone call this a fluke.

Before a fall

May 20, 2010 My four-year-old daughter and I were playing a game a couple of days ago. Well, she was playing a game; I was actually trying to work. In her game she would sneak near me and pop me on the arm and then run away quickly before I could get her back. After several minutes of laughs, she decided instead to sneak away. As she crept backwards, away from me, I could see the pending danger. A toy lay in her path! I knew that she was sure to trip. My warnings were dismissed with a grinning giggle until ... FLOP ... she hit the floor.

Spineless despots don’t like cartoons

May 20, 2010 As incredible as it might seem for a modern European democracy, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is suing for an apology and €33,000 ($43,000.00) for a political cartoon, drawn by Martin “Shooty” Sutovec for the SME Daily newspaper, that mocked the Prime Minister’s health by suggesting he didn’t have a backbone.

Burger ban

May 19, 2010 It should be “Ban the Burger Month” instead. May is “National Hamburger Month,” an annual “tradition” that began 18 years ago when White Castle, purveyor of small, tasty, high-calorie burgers, initiated it. It figures that a capitalistic organization would promote such a thing. According to, White Castle, in 1921, was the first to introduce the mass distribution of the burger. The concept was an immediate hit.

Obama: Trust only me

May 19, 2010 Always the smooth operator, Obama is urging the American people to tune out other voices and listen only to the sound of their dear leader’s voice.