Teacher still has input

June 24, 2010 I wanted that dress.From the minute I walked in the department store and saw it, I knew it had my name written all over it. As I yanked it off the rack and headed toward the dressing room something about the neckline caught my eye and upon further inspection I realized the price tag didn’t reflect the quality of the dress. And, while it appeared to be the perfect designer dress, I knew that I wasn’t going to buy it because of Rose Marie Willis.


June 23, 2010 Allow me to clarify, I’m not a fan of the gruesome gorging on human flesh, nor the glamorously gory zombie kills, but rather for the actual involvement of the human element.I’m confounded and amazed at the petty selfishness and infighting that derail the survivor’s focus. I mean, these folks are facing death by devouring at the hands of cunningly, cannibalistic zombies. Why don’t they actually deal with their problem by coming together and face down the zombie hordes?

Watch your kids

June 23, 2010 Dear Editor:Yeah, to Bethesda Day Parade. Each year it gets better. Lots of candies for the kids and the grown-ups.To certain people who parked at the corner of Bethesda Lane and Hayfield, who did not keep an eye on certain kids. They were playing in the grass at the corner yard, which is what grass is for, to play on. What is not nice is that someone climbed on my flower tree and broke four big branches. The tree is surrounded by a small fence. The fence was also pushed down.

City has assets

June 23, 2010 Dear Editor:Our daughter, son-in-law and their two children recently purchased a home in Batesville (March 2010). They will be moving from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the end of June.With them still living in North Carolina we have been preparing the house for them. We have dealt with many people in your city, including Realtor, lawn service, pool service, heating and air, plumbing, locksmith, window repair, water department, etc.

Proud to be an American

June 23, 2010 Dear Editor:On Sunday, June 20th, I and several of my friends traveled to Batesville to pay honor to William Chris Yauch.  We wanted to honor him, and perhaps by our presence, give some comfort to the family.

Learning to drive

June 22, 2010 I have got news for my friend Camille. You don’t have to be a parent to get gray hairs from teenagers driving.She recently told me about her experience giving her 17-year-old son some driving practice, and after exactly two lessons, she turned the instruction over to her husband, saying her heart — and her hair color — couldn’t take any more.I laughed at the time, but it wasn’t long before I got a dose of that fear.

Spreading patriotism

June 22, 2010 My name is TJ Foley and I am a previous resident of Batesville and member of the Independence County community. I currently live in Nashville, TN, but am stationed, yet again, in Iraq. In talking with my father, he had spoken to me about the death of a young soldier from my hometown, who’s grandfather I grew up with watching him walk his dog for years. I did not know this young man, but having lost men in combat, I understand the plethora of emotions from a leadership aspect, and know the torment that families undergo through the burial and greiving process.

Thankful for support

June 22, 2010 My name is Randy Criss. My wife and I are members of the Military Funeral Honors Program. It was a great privilege to be a part of the service for SPC Yauch on 20June2010. I was one of the six to carry him and fold the flag. My wife was on color guard. The reason for this message is to express how amazed our entire detail was at the support that was provided by the Batesville community.

Proud to be an American

June 21, 2010 Dear editor:My family and I just returned home from being some of the few hundred people that lined the highway for Spc. Yauch’s funeral. As I stood there and watched the Patriot Guard, Freedom Riders and local motorcycle riders drive by followed by the funeral procession, it took me back almost 30 years ago.

Support was inspirational

June 21, 2010 Dear Editor,Sunday afternoon’s response to a public appeal was the most amazing, the most inspirational, the most moving display of public support most of us have ever seen in this Batesville community. It was almost one of those “you had to be there” experiences.