Program to set record straight

December 27, 2005 Girls Going Global is a new program designed to dispel the myth that girls aren't interested in science and technology.

Leaving his post

December 27, 2005 He gives money out of his own pocket, is at every event and works long hours.

Report: Use of force on inmates is rising

December 27, 2005 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Arkansas prison guards have had to resort to force to control inmates this year more than three times as often as just four years ago, according to numbers from the state Departm

Courage under fire

December 27, 2005 KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Army Capt. Chad Swaims is in the business of saving lives.

Wrapping it up

December 23, 2005 Some set their jaws and looked determined to finish the task at hand. Others picked items up, put them back down, then picked them up again, in an obvious mental struggle.

News of Other Days

December 23, 2005 Editor's note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Jan. 4, 1993. 89 Years Ago