One injured in accident

February 7, 2007 A Batesville man was taken to the White River Medical Center Tuesday afternoon, suffering from back and shoulder pain after being involved in an accident at St. Louis and Harrison streets.  

Gracie Barra wins at tournament

February 7, 2007 LITTLE ROCK — Although it opened less than five months ago, Gracie Barra Arkansas Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy has already racked up some big wins in state and regional competitions, including th

Man arrested for huffing paint at convenience store

February 7, 2007 A 40-year-old Shultz Lane man was arrested for allegedly sniffing paint from a grocery sack Saturday afternoon, according to Deputy Nathan Stephens of the Independence County Sheriff’s Office.

Flood system discussed

February 6, 2007 HARDY — The city of Hardy is looking for help in paying for a proposed early flood warning system. 

News of Other Days

February 6, 2007 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Feb. 16, 1994. 73 YEARS AGO