Rural fire departments irked

June 13, 2006 Rural fire chiefs didn’t like a resolution approved by the Independence County Quorum Court last month and they let the court know about it Monday night.

Lyon prof has his eyes on community, beyond

June 13, 2006 Editor’s Note: This is another in a series of articles about the involvement of Lyon College faculty and staff in the community. By Wil Shane Lyon College News Bureau

Moving up the mountain one step at a time

June 12, 2006 Now, 81 years, hundreds of modifications and millions of memories later, the First Baptist Church family has outgrown its house.   They want more children, but are out of rooms.

Todd Sharp led full life

June 12, 2006 Todd Sharp enjoyed many hobbies in his lifetime, but nothing compared to the pride he had for his newborn son, Andrew, who turned 8 weeks old Tuesday.

Woman released

June 12, 2006 A Bethesda woman, pregnant with twins, was hospitalized briefly after running off the road last week, less than a hundred yards from where another woman died in a similar crash on May 16.

News of Other Days

June 12, 2006 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on June 22, 1993. 95 Years Ago

Horses go to school

June 12, 2006 “The Black Stallion,” “Little Black, A Pony” and “Little Black Goes to the Circus,” the storied horses of Walter Farley’s children’s novels, are the boo