Payment on delivery

March 27, 2007 I read recently about a Cincinnati pizza place that has on its boxes wanted posters for parents accused of failing to pay child support.

Missouri inmate captured in Calico Rock

March 27, 2007 MELBOURNE — A man who allegedly escaped from a Missouri Department of Correction facility was captured in Izard County last week, Sheriff Tate Lawrence said.

National, Arkansas media to visit

March 27, 2007 More than 40 exhibitors from the region will share information about attractions in Arkansas to national, regional and local media.

Hobos derailed

March 26, 2007   Railroad officials stopped the locomotive in front of the Independence County jail and asked three men and a dog to disembark. They later found two more on board, one male and one female.

News of Other Days

March 26, 2007 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on April 5, 1994. 73 YEARS AGO

Sex offender has numerous aliases

March 26, 2007 MELBOURNE — The Izard County Sheriff’s Department is hand delivering sex offender notifications to the residents in and near Franklin regarding a risk level three offender living on Highwa

Batesville magnets highlighted

March 26, 2007 SULPHUR ROCK — Cup stacking, synchronized jump roping. Laptop computers, Web cams. Teachers in white lab coats and tie-dyed T-shirts. This isn’t your grandpa’s elementary school.

Escapee captured, accomplice charged

March 26, 2007 Thinking he was alone and safely hidden in an old cabin in Sharp County, an escapee from the Independence County jail was surprised to find himself surrounded by several law enforcement agencies Satur