Dog attacks health worker

December 29, 2006 A local health department worker was reportedly bitten by a dog as she got out of her car at a residence on Brushy Road Thursday morning.

UACCB, John 3:16 team up

December 29, 2006 Batesville’s community college has teamed up with a local rehabiliation program to help provide those recovering from addictions a better chance at a new life. 

News of Other Days

December 29, 2006 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Jan. 10, 1994. 77 YEARS AGO

Burglary, thefts reported to authorities

December 28, 2006 A local woman reported her home burglarized and jewelry taken Christmas night, according to Deputy Rob Leonard with the Independence County Sheriff’s Office.

Readers bid farewell

December 28, 2006 The youngest sheriff ever elected in the state of Arkansas, a long-time Independence County historian and several of the “Round Table” coffee drinkers at Kelley-Wyatt’s were among th

Writer leaves legacy

December 28, 2006 Rebecca Branscum’s family might not have known her final wish was to help others if it weren’t for a close friend who noticed her driver’s license marked “organ donor.”

Biard steps down

December 28, 2006 Joe M. Biard is about to become John Q. Public, and Biard, who is Batesville’s longest serving mayor, says he’s ready to step down.

News of Other Days

December 28, 2006 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Jan. 7, 1994. 77 YEARS AGO

Batesville men met Ford

December 27, 2006 Thirty years ago, the Batesville Daily Guard’s own Clyde McGinnis was among a small Batesville delegation who met with the late President Ford while on the campaign trail.