News of Other Days

October 24, 2007 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Nov. 3, 1994. 73 YEARS AGO

City officials react

October 24, 2007 Coming together as a community to support the employees affected by the closure of the GDX plant is the No.

GDX property taxes go unpaid

October 24, 2007 A local school district — along with the county — may be losing a hunk of money by one industry’s not paying its property taxes.

News of Other Days

October 23, 2007 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Nov. 2, 1994. 73 YEARS AGO

Lorrie McClure changing roles

October 23, 2007 Lorrie McClure has made her last school-based match for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central Arkansas this week, but the match is a bittersweet one.

Victims remembered

October 23, 2007 The bodies of a 28-year-old Fort Smith woman and her two young children were discovered in their apartment in late December.  

Budget increases marshals’ money

October 23, 2007 The Independence County Quorum Court Budget Committee got the chance to hear from some department heads about their respective budget proposals Monday night.

Robotics challenge students

October 22, 2007 Grant Harrison has an idea. It is evident by his wide eyes, excited body posture and high-pitched voice. The 10-year-old thinks he has found a way to build a robot that will outlast all others.

GDX sells

October 22, 2007 After months of rumors and speculation, it’s finally official.