Archaeologist presents Maya topic at Lyon

October 30, 2007 Dr. Gloria Everson, Lyon College’s associate professor of anthropology, has “spent many months living in tents in the rainforest” with Dr. Norman Hammond.

Sex offender gets 10-year prison term

October 30, 2007 Order was restored in the courtroom after Circuit Judge John Dan Kemp handed down a 10-year prison sentence in an indecent exposure case Monday.

Two arrested in Guion fracas

October 29, 2007 MELBOURNE — Following an incident in Guion on Thursday, two males living in an abandoned mine off River Road were arrested Friday on charges of aggravated assault, theft of property and terroris

Gunman takes money in highway robbery

October 29, 2007 Craig Tobias doesn’t usually make it a habit of carrying around large sums of money, but Thursday morning he had more than usual for an upcoming trip to Michigan that afternoon to visit family.

News of Other Days

October 29, 2007 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Nov. 8, 1994. 73 YEARS AGO

Sex offenders sentenced

October 29, 2007 MELBOURNE — O.T. Mitleff, 64, of Zion was among those sentenced to the Arkansas Department of Correction during the October session of Izard County Circuit Court.

Teen death investigated

October 29, 2007 The cause of death of a Batesville teen early Sunday morning is under investigation by the Independence County Sheriff’s Office, according to Sheriff Keith Bowers.