Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mother arrested for drugs

December 26, 2008 WASILLA, Alaska (AP) - The mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend sent text messages to two police informants discussing drug transactions before her arrest on felony drug charges, authorities say. An affidavit filed Monday says Sherry L. Johnston sent text messages referring to "coffee" as a code for the drug OxyContin.

Man in Santa suit kills 8, self

December 26, 2008 COVINA, Calif. - The bloodbath began when an 8-year-old girl attending a Christmas Eve party answered a knock at the door. A man dressed as Santa and carrying what appeared to a present pulled out a handgun and shot her in the face, then began shooting indiscriminately as partygoers tried to flee.

14 hurt when car slams into Hanukkah party

December 26, 2008 OODMERE, N.Y. (AP) - A car slammed into a building where Orthodox Jewish families were celebrating Hanukkah on Thursday, injuring 14 people, police said. Police said the injured ranged in age from 1 1/2 to 40, and four were hospitalized in serious condition. At least six of the injured were young children, hospital officials said.

Shoe Tree laced with mystery

December 26, 2008 SARDIS (AP) - Old sneakers, hiking boots and cleats dangle from the limbs of a centuries-old oak that sits in a patch of dirt at an intersection in this rural Saline County community. In the winter, when the leaves fall, the dozens of shoes stick out like candy canes on a Christmas tree.

In dark economic times, Ark. drilling brings light

December 26, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas' natural gas reserves helped keep the state economy afloat in 2008 while huge job losses and budget deficits were recorded elsewhere in the country and the federal government shelled out billions of dollars to prop up banks and car manufacturers.

Application period under way

December 26, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - The application period for spring turkey hunts on several wildlife management areas is under way and continues through Jan. 15, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Web site.

Annual tree/shrub sale announced

December 26, 2008 The Independence County Conservation District is currently taking orders for its annual tree/shrub sale. Orders will be taken until January 30, with delivery in mid to late February. The district is offering the following: red and purple crape myrtles - $3.50 each; red maple, sugar maple, white flowering dogwood, tulip tree, scarlet oak and Chinese chestnut - $4 each; oriental flowering cherry - $7 each, and Bradford pear - $7.50 each.

‘Duck bum could have turned out differently, except for…

December 26, 2008 It's hard to say how I might have turned out if it hadn't been for the ducks. I'm the first to admit I'm no brain surgeon, but I'm not a lamebrain, either. My IQ is OK, I have (or at least had, before retirement) a decent enough work ethic, and excepting one homecoming-weekend episode at LSU nearly 40 years ago that involved shaving cream, a campus security patrol car, and way, way too much beer, I've managed to stay out of jail.

Stones guitar auction set

December 26, 2008 JONESBORO (AP) - A handmade electric guitar with a pearl inlay owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will be auctioned off online to benefit the Rector High School Helping Hands Foundation, organizers say.

Eartha Kitt, sultry ‘Santa Baby’ singer, dies

December 26, 2008 NEW YORK - Eartha Kitt, a sultry singer, dancer and actress who rose from South Carolina cotton fields to become an international symbol of elegance and sensuality, has died, a family spokesman said. She was 81.