CRHS student curses teacher

January 25, 2008 An 18-year-old Cedar Ridge student was cited and suspended for disorderly conduct/public place usage of abusive, obscene speech, according the Independence County Sheriff's Office.

Ash Flat duo: ‘Bang, clang’ makes for fun

January 25, 2008 HARDY - On the third weekend of each month, Steve Clark of Ash Flat turns into gunfighter Arkansas Harper, and his wife, Nell, turns into Arkansas Bell, also a shootist.

Cops catch teens

January 24, 2008 It started with a phone call, an anonymous one.

Lunenburg has colorful history

January 24, 2008 LUNENBURG - According to legend, the first business establishment in the former town of Lunenburg in Izard County was a trading post. A saloon was built shortly afterwards.

News of Other Days

January 23, 2008 Editor's note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Feb. 2, 1995. 73 YEARS AGO

Tell-A-Tale Troupe to perform locally

January 23, 2008 The Tell-A-Tale Troupe of the Arkansas Arts Center's Children's Theatre in Little Rock will perform "Ben Franklin Flies a Kite" at 1 p.m.

Letters detail pre-Civil War-era courtship

January 23, 2008 One hundred fifty years ago, dating was called courting, and it was sometimes done via letters, with extravagant and flowery language - a far cry from today's e-mails and text messaging.