Medical examiner asked to rule on two deaths

December 8, 2008 A man living without heat or water died at a friend's home sometime between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Friday, according to Independence County Deputy Tim Conyers. Conyers said he was dispatched to the home of John Schwake on Antioch Road where he was told of the death of 47-year-old Edmond B. Brown Jr.

Vandals strike again

December 8, 2008 Vandals have struck Riverside Park - again - although the Christmas lights have only been turned on for two days. Jonathan Abbott, supervisor of the city of Batesville's cemetery and landscaping department, said the latest incident occurred sometime Sunday night or early this morning. "I came by last night about 10 o'clock and everything was up and running, everything looked good."

Eatery opens on lower Main

December 8, 2008 A few days before the doors opened to Jennifer Davidson's newest business venture, she held a "sneak peek" inviting other downtown business leaders to taste-test her soup and sandwiches, and the "quiet" grand opening was well-received.

Lyon receives $800,000 gift

December 8, 2008 An $800,000 gift from the Rogers Foundation of Fairfax, Va., to Lyon College will be used for scholarships for music students and for Christian education, according to Dr. Walter Roettger, president of the college.

Sports Briefs

December 5, 2008 National Football League MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A federal judge will be asked to decide today whether five suspended NFL players deserve a chance to play this weekend. At issue is whether the league had a duty to notify its players and their union that a dietary supplement the five took contained a banned ingredient. The NFL Players Association has filed a lawsuit claiming the NFL knew about the tainted supplement but failed to share that information with players whose careers were on the line.

News of other days

December 5, 2008 Editor's note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Dec. 18, 1995. 73 YEARS AGO Nearly 100 sports fans, coaches of Arkansas College, Batesville High School, their assistants, members of Arkansas College and the high school football teams, and members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club attended the football banquet in the Barnett Hotel Friday night. The Rev. Herndon McCain, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, was master of ceremonies.

Stocking restrictions lifted on two lakes

December 5, 2008 BULL SHOALS (AP) - Due to improved dissolved oxygen conditions on the Bull Shoals and Norfork tailwaters, fish stocking restrictions have been lifted. Matt Schroeder, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission trout management biologist, explained that destratification is a result of decreasing temperature and increasing density of the top layer (epilimnion) of Bull Shoals Lake. "When surface temperature and density of the epilimnion reach that of the bottom layer (hypolimnion) the lake mixes or turns over," Schroeder said.

Deer hunting: Big business for little stores

December 5, 2008 COMBS (AP) - There may not even be a horse in this one-horse town. People drive through here to get somewhere else. There are no traffic signals, no neon lights, not even a working gas pump. "Don't blink or you'll miss it" applies.

Nature center to open near Clinton presidential library

December 5, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is to open a new nature center in Little Rock, the last of four of the centers that were built with money from a 1/8-cent sales tax approved in 1996.

Hard luck hunter asks, ‘Anybody want to buy a gun?’

December 5, 2008 The sky was just lighting up on the edges as we made our way into a little patch of national forest that always holds squirrels. After walking about half a mile as the sun gradually leaked through the leaves, squirrel sign started showing around the bases of trees - pine cone bits, pieces of white oak acorn shells. It was still too early for bushytails to be jumping about; it was the quiet time, just before everything starts chirruping, barking or eating.