Area Briefs

June 18, 2009 Air conditioner, tractor stolen

Bootlegger Daze to feature Moonshine Still competition

June 18, 2009 Calico Rock — Calico Rock/Pineville Chamber of Commerce has planned events for the next two weekends, officials have announced.The third annual Bootlegger Daze festival scheduled for this weekend will again include a Moonshine Still competition and Riding Lawnmower races, according to a news release. Winners of both will be awarded a cash prize.

Concord to apply for walking trail grant

June 18, 2009 CONCORD — Seniors at Concord are wanting a short walking trail built near the Concord Community Building, and an application for a grant to do that is being prepared, Recorder-treasurer Jayne Pettit said.The city council voted recently to apply for the 50/50 matching grant.Jackie and Buck Rone both attended a recent grant writing workshop at White River Planning and Development District, and Jackie Rone discussed the walking trail grant application with the seniors group.

MDA lockup slated

June 18, 2009 Tammy Brown of Independence County will help “detain” more than 170 Batesville and surrounding area executives who are expected to take part Tuesday in this year’s Batesville Lock-Up at The Italian Grill, where they will attempt to raise over $27,000 for Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Guard keeps long-time subscriber in touch

June 18, 2009 DESHA — Fifty-two years ago, Lela Willis Lively was still a young bride, living about as far away from home as an Arkie could get, first Japan and then California.Her husband, Stevens G. Lively, was a career Army man, serving 24 years before retirement, and after two tours and five years in Japan, he went to Templeton, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Stevens died in 2001.But keeping in touch with home was very important to her, and she did that by subscribing to the Batesville Daily Guard. Since 1957, the newspaper has been mailing copies to Lively.

News of other days

June 17, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on June 28, 1996.

Honor Rolls

June 17, 2009 Batesville Junior and Senior HighThe students listed below made the honor roll for the second semester of the 2008-09 school year at Batesville Junior and Senior High School, according to a news release:

Barn owls are assets to farms

June 17, 2009 ASH FLAT — A predator of the night, the barn owl possesses extraordinary senses of sight, hearing and flight ability. Due to its secretive habits, little is known about the status of the barn owl in Arkansas.However, we do know that barn owls live in the open around farms and small towns, hunting for small rodents in grassy areas and wetland edges.Barn owls do not actually build their nests but use existing structures. The loss of nest sites and the loss of the owls’ hunting grounds are thought to have caused a decline in barn owl populations.

Take care of horses when it’s hot

June 17, 2009 Horses are unique among farm animals.  They are not raised for a food source, but are raised to be athletes, with work as their primary function. They are asked to do many different types of work from racing to trail rides.During the hot and humid weather, horses generate a significant amount of metabolic heat during exercise that must be dissipated to prevent injury from heat.

Research your plants: They may be toxic to pets

June 17, 2009 This rainy spring has brought with it a lot of mushrooms. There is a very dangerous mushroom that is common in the South, especially in late summer and fall. It typically grows on lawns throughout the U.S. and is often found in “fairy rings.”A puppy or curious dog can be killed by eating it.Dogs do NOT have an instinct to avoid lethal substances. Of course, young children are in danger also. If a child is familiar with mushrooms that you use in cooking, they may not think that those in the yard could be harmful.