5 dead in 2 homes in Garland Co.

November 13, 2009 PEARCY (AP) — Authorities say they found four bodies in a burning mobile home in southwest Arkansas and an 80-year-old man was found dead inside a nearby house.A vehicle belonging to one of the victims in the doublewide trailer was found on fire in Hot Springs, 13 miles away, about the same time, said Lt. James Martin of the Garland County Sheriff’s Department.

Tree trimmer electrocuted

November 13, 2009 ROGERS (AP) — Benton County authorities say a tree trimmer was killed when he was electrocuted while trimming trees near Beaver Lake.County Coroner Daniel Oxford says 42-year-old Philip Vilella died instantly Thursday when his upper body apparently touched a power line. Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins says Vilella was in a utility bucket 25 to 30 feet high when he touched the line.A spokesman for Southwestern Electric Power Company says Vilella touched a main distribution line for the neighborhood where he was working.

News of Other Days

November 13, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Nov. 29, 1996.

Retailers tweeting Black Friday bargains

November 13, 2009 NEW YORK (AP) — You may want to check Facebook and Twitter before heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving.Office supplies chain Staples Inc. this week used social media to advertise price cuts of nearly 50 percent for Nov. 27 on certain laptops, GPS devices and computer monitors, and other merchants are expected to follow suit.Dan de Grandpre, editor-in-chief of dealnews.com, said retailers are smart to use social networking sites because shoppers probably will stick around as followers of the company even after the sale.

Friday the 13th phobia? People discuss myths, realities

November 13, 2009 CHICAGO — Henry Ford would have hated 2009, and not just because it’s been a tough year to sell cars.Ford, as the story goes, refused to do business on Friday the 13th, and this week marks the third time this year that the 13th will fall on a Friday — the most times it can happen in one year.It’s a day when people rearrange travel plans, delay surgery or just pull up the covers and stay in bed until Friday the 13th turns into Saturday the 14th, convinced that even stepping out of the house would cause bad luck to find them the way an anvil finds the head of Wile E. Coyote.

Girls nationwide overlook movie debate, instead look up to Disney black princess

November 13, 2009 NEW YORK — Holly Price Alford is over the moon about Disney’s first black princess. Her 8-year-old daughter is, too, but not because the princess is black.“She understands that this is a princess who is African American,” said Alford, who is black and lives in Meadowbrook, Va. “But do I think it’s a big deal to her? No.”

Guard offering special rate for publishing hunting photos

November 13, 2009 Due to the overwhelming number of requests for publication of adult and youth hunting photos, the Batesville Daily Guard is offering a “scrapbook special” from now until the end of the year. The cost for a 2-column-by-3-inch boxed ad will be $25, which is less than half price. For additional information contact a member of the Guard advertising staff at (870) 793-2383 or advertising@guardonline.com.

Deer hunting forecast looks promising

November 13, 2009 LITTLE ROCK — So far, deer season in Arkansas has been very good. Based on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s online and telechecking harvest numbers, the statewide harvest is already above the numbers for the same time last year. The state’s modern gun season opens Saturday.

Poaching: Hazardous on both sides of fence, road

November 13, 2009 Poaching is the illegal hunting of any wildlife. Poachers unfairly harvest game by not obeying the laws and ignoring hunting seasons. This is not only unfair to the sportsmen who hunt legally, but to others who enjoy the outdoors, too.Following is just a short list of the illegal activities and effects poaching has on the outdoor public:• Trespassing on posted property• Road hunting• Taking of game out of season• Disobeying game limits or other restrictions

Columnist offers Christmas gift ideas for outdoor types

November 13, 2009 Oh no, oh no, it’s THAT time of year, Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to get for the hunter or angler on your list. Don’t despair; here are a few ideas that will bring a smile to your outdoor guy or gal.FEATHERS & GUNPOWDER