Road to Yellowstone: An Arkansas traveler’s journal

October 10, 2008 A sudden intake of breath and my wife's whispered words "Oh my God!" nearly put us in the ditch as I whirled my head to see what was about to happen on her side of the car on a steep Wyoming mou

3-point rule explained

October 10, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - In Arkansas, deer hunting has its own version of the three-point rule, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Free house offered Taker must pay for hauling

October 10, 2008 KAYSVILLE, Utah (AP) - Is the credit crunch keeping you from getting a home loan? Well, here's a little beauty you can have for free. You just have to pay to haul it away.

Snowballing sell-off drives Dow down 679 points

October 10, 2008 NEW YORK (AP) - A stampede of selling that began in the waning minutes of trading on Wall Street spread to Asia today, deepening a financial crisis that has defied all efforts to stop it.

Tumors on rise near NW Mo. town

October 10, 2008 CAMERON, Mo. (AP) - A state investigation into a rise in brain tumor cases around Cameron found no central cause, a state epidemiologist said Thursday.

State teacher retirement chief’s travel scrutinized

October 10, 2008 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The chief of Arkansas' Teacher Retirement System spent nearly half of his first year on the job traveling out-of-state, including multiple trips to states where he maintains add