Healthy Thanksgiving tips offered

November 23, 2009  NEW YORK — Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with friends, family and loved ones, according to Envision Beauty’s Kimberly Snyder. While this holiday is a great time to feel love and connection with others, over time it has also become a holiday associated with eating copious amounts of food and stuffing ourselves so much that we can barely move afterwards. It doesn’t have to be part of our tradition to feel that way. 

Has Thanksgiving been supersized?

November 23, 2009 What happens when you combine Thanksgiving — a holiday dedicated to overindulging — with America’s love of all things Supersized? Not as much as you’d think.While Americans are notorious for cranking up the calories and portions compared to a generation or so ago, small changes in the nation’s diet seem to have buffered Thanksgiving dinner from some — but not all — of our bigger-better mentality.

News of Other Days

November 23, 2009 Editor’s note: This column ran previously in the Guard on Dec. 9, 1996.

115-year-old dam is damaged

November 23, 2009 EUREKA SPRINGS (AP) — City officials in Eureka Springs are asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $400,000 to repair a dam at nearby Black Bass Lake.Mayor Dani Joy says the 115-year-old dam has leaked for years — but recent heavy rains have sped up the deterioration. The city has closed a park area immediately beneath the dam and posted no trespassing signs. Walking on the catwalk on top of the dam also is forbidden.

Once-thriving western Arkansas town now consumed by trees

November 23, 2009 FORESTER (AP) — The sawmill has been gone from this tiny Scott County community for more than half a century.Its people scattered in different directions in 1952, and the pine bungalows were emptied and moved. Life as the Forester residents knew it was no more.But the Forester spirit remains among the remnants of concrete footings and foundations that once supported a sawmill, an ice house and a school in the pine forests between Waldron and Mount Ida.

Frat parties suspended

November 23, 2009 FAYETTEVILLE (AP) — The University of Arkansas has suspended fraternities’ social activities for the rest of the fall semester after a student attending a party at Phi Delta Theta was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.The university’s Greek Life Office suspended the activities in response to the hospitalization and allegations three Arkansas basketball players sexually assaulted a student after a party at the Phi Gamma Delta house.

History club honors local veterans

November 23, 2009 CAVE CITY — Hank Rivers of Evening Shade was the guest speaker on Nov. 11 for the Cave City Middle School History Club’s Second Annual Veteran’s Day reception, which was attended by 10 local veterans and their families, including children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews who are students at the middle school, said Julie Sandy, who sponsors the history club along with Trish Turnbough.

Gas prices fall to kick off holiday travel week

November 23, 2009 Retail gasoline prices headed downward to begin one of the country’s busiest travel weeks, with more than 33 million people expected to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.Americans are still remaining closer to home because of anxiety about the economy and demand for gasoline is weaker now than it was last year at this time.That is telling because a gallon of gasoline then cost only $1.93 as the economic crisis unfolded in 2008.

Extension agent discusses safe turkey thawing

November 23, 2009 Chances are good that the turkey you will purchase for Thanksgiving will be frozen. In order to keep your turkey out of the temperature danger zone during “the big thaw,” precautions must be taken. As long as a turkey is frozen, it is safe indefinitely. It is when it begins to thaw that bacteria can begin to grow again.

Family gift pack offered for holiday

November 23, 2009 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Batesville is providing “The Family Happiness Gift Pack,” an educational array of materials to help strengthen families, during the week of Thanksgiving to coincide with National Family Week.“This is the first year we have offered these items to persons not of our faith,” Scott Wahlquist, branch president, said. “Materials designed to be resources for developing better family relationships have been used mostly for our own members with great success.”