Missing – Trail goes cold in Batesville

Kristin Crawford

Kristin Crawford

When Kristin Crawford didn’t touch the money in her checking account on the first of the month, her family began to fear the worst.

Crawford is now listed as a missing person, and her last known activity on her debit card was on Sept. 26 at the Batesville Walmart.

Now, her family is hoping someone with information about the 38-year-old Crawford will come forward, according to her sister, Jami Crawford Webb.

Crawford lists an address in Shawnee, Okla.

Webb said on Sept. 12 her sister left Oklahoma City with a truck driver she apparently did not know. From there, she apparently made it to Phoenix, where she used her card again on Sept. 18, and then to Ontario, Calif., and used her card on the 19th. The last time the card was used was here in Batesville.

“The paper trail stops in Batesville; there’s been no activity on her credit card since then,” Webb said. “We’re fearing something’s happened to her.”

When the first of October and then the first of November rolled around, the family became even more concerned that Crawford did not touch the Social Security checks deposited into her account.

The sisters’ uncle died on Oct. 6, and the family text-messaged her then. Crawford called her dad a couple days later, but when he asked where she was, the phone was hung up. “We don’t know if it was involuntary or if she hung it up. All of this is unusual,” Webb said.

Webb also said her sister has an 8-year-old daughter who has lived with her grandparents since she was 5 weeks old. Webb said Crawford loves and adores her daughter, and would not go this long without checking on her.

“We have the tag number and pictures of the semi that she left with,” Webb said. “She’s caught rides (with other truck drivers); she frequents truck stops, but she’s never done this before. She’s hitched rides before but never not kept in contact and never been without money.”

The family contacted the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, and Detective Lt. Ken Vanduser has been in touch with the Independence County Sheriff’s Office and Batesville Walmart about obtaining security video from the store to see if there are more clues as to what happened when Crawford left.

Webb said Crawford did make a purchase of $101.01 with cash back, but they do not know how much cash back she got. “She didn’t have any transportation so someone would have had to have taken her; we’re trying to find if the surveillance video shows a car or anything.”

Her family said Crawford is very sick, emotionally, mentally and physically. Crawford has battled bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and she has also been diagnosed with hepatitis C and HPV virus (and her family thinks she could possibly have cervical cancer as well).

“And when she gets down, she is known to frequent drug houses,” Webb continued. They said Crawford may seek shelter at Salvation Army locations or soup kitchens.

“She loves water and may be near a lake; she wants to be near the coast. We have no idea what her connection would be, going to Batesville. … Our parents are really having a difficult time with this.”

Kristin Mary Crawford, is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighs approximately 130 pounds, has a slender build, green eyes, a “noticeable” scar above her left eye, and a green fairy vine tattooed around her left ankle. Before she left, she had dyed her hair light blond.

Crawford’s fingerprints have been entered into a national database, and she is listed as a missing person.


Anyone who may have seen or know anything about the whereabouts of Crawford is asked to call the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 275-2526.




*Missing woman found safe - (published on Thursday, November 7, 2013)

An Oklahoma woman reported missing after reportedly last using her debit card in Batesville has been found safe.

Kristin Crawford, 38, was located in southern California and “she’s OK,” according to Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Ken Vanduser.

“I was able to speak to her by phone and verify who she was by personal information,” he told the Guard. “She was located in Ontario, California by a citizen with a copy of the flyer.”

The Batesville Daily Guard published a story Tuesday after Crawford’s family was unable to reach her, and Vanduser said the story did generate some tips in Batesville, but none turned out to be Crawford.

Still, he said he appreciates the public’s help in attempting to locate Crawford.