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Interviewing Elvis’ Daughter 101

Lacy Mitchell “Retro Active”

Lacy Mitchell “Retro Active”

As a reporter, reaching out to try and interview someone like Lisa Marie Presley, (OK, not just someone like her — but her), I had my reservations and for years it’s why I never tried until 10 days ago.

One, I am a fan who would never want to make someone I admire and whose family I will defend till my dying day, uncomfortable.

Two, as with any interview, professionalism is key, and that certainly means I couldn’t get all “fan-like.”

To be honest I didn’t expect to hear back from her team when I got the courage to ask for an interview. Needless to say I was nervous for our phone interview, despite having a list of a dozen questions in order (obligatory ones about her tour and album and those I hoped she hadn’t been asked a million times before), and well, Lisa Marie was just as sweet as can be, politely answering all my questions as best she could.

For fun, I asked about her guilty pleasure. Oftentimes, we put people with her status on a pedestal, yet I knew, having met her twice already, that she is down to earth, very caring and concerned. (Proof the night of her concert in Little Rock included her stopping the show in mid-song after seeing a woman who looked as though she may pass out in the crowd and being concerned when two men were escorted away by security.) She even does her own ironing (as evidenced by a photo her husband posted recently for all the world to see) and she admits loving to garden when at home in England.

I was surprised by her answer: “I can watch the same silly movies over and over and over,” she told me. “Mean Girls” starring Lindsey Lohan is one she said never gets old. Lighthearted films like “Bridesmaids” and “It’s Complicated” are others. “I can watch certain movies over and over and over like a crazy person. I don’t know why.”

When I told Lisa Marie I would be attending her Sept. 17 show in Little Rock she offered to let me come backstage, and when Luke and I arrived we were considered “guests” as part of the VIP crowd who paid to meet her and set in on soundcheck before the show.

The day before, I had found a copy of “Mean Girls” and as a token of my appreciation brought it with me along with a thank you note. As the last in line to meet her, she said “Hello, how are you?”

Flustered, I couldn’t even manage to say hello back. I just started rambling, barely finding the words to tell her “I … you … graciously let me interview you on Friday, and I got this for you,” handing her the DVD, telling her I was sure she had a copy. (In mid-sentence it occurred to me I never said hello back and then I felt rude.)

Smiling, she took it, held it up to the woman taking photos for everyone, and said, “I’m obsessed with this movie.” Turns out she didn’t have it and was thrilled, saying, “We have a DVD player on the bus” and thanked me.

Before taking a photo she told me, “You were the most polite interview I’ve ever done,” and paused. “You — not me,” she said with a laugh. It erased any feelings of doubt I might have had about how it went.

When Luke got his turn, he told her, “She adores you,” looking my way to which she looked at me with such a sincere, appreciative smile.

Later that night before taking the stage at Juanita’s, she posted to her Twitter account, “I’m in charming Little Rock Arkansas 2 do a show. Today’s meet and greet was extra special, so many gifts and beautiful stories. Thank you:) L.”

You’re welcome, Lisa. Thank you.


To read more about the interview with Presley, see page 6.


Lacy Mitchell is a staff writer for the Batesville Daily Guard. She can be reached at or by calling the Guard at (870) 793-2383.




Lacy Mitchell and Lisa Marie Presley

Lacy Mitchell and Lisa Marie Presley

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