Dumb animals and dumb luck

January 4, 2001 Animals have figured into the finding of several rich mines or lost treasures, according to an article by Gary Hinkley in the October 1998 issue of Lost Treasure magazine.

Experts differ on usefulness of missle defense

January 4, 2001 WASHINGTON (AP) - How's this for a scary scenario: Iran takes some missiles supplied by North Korea and places them, along with a mobile launcher, aboard an ordinary merchant ship.

Boom ends year’s loose ends

January 3, 2001 You have undoubtedly noticed that this is roundup time for newspapers and networks. Features like "The Year in Review" or "The Highlights and Headlines of 2000" fill the media.

Dealing with life’s ‘law of hypochondria’

January 3, 2001 One time I heard about a lady who constantly complained about ailments of various kinds. Someone asked her, "Have you ever been real sick?" She said, "No, I've just never been real well."

A few predictions for 2001

January 2, 2001 As 2000 came to a close and we start 2001, it's hard not to pause for a little reflection.

Admiration is proven mutual

January 1, 2001 Abbie Elizabeth Betty Snipes Johnston of Fort Worth had never visited Batesville as an adult until 1989 when she was here with her husband, Glenn H.