Public confidence in Bush not keeping up with support

January 9, 2001 WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans tend to rally behind a new president once the race is decided, and national surveys indicate that has happened with President-elect Bush, accepted as the legitimate winn

Making readers look

January 5, 2001 My three principal lines of work since age 16 - teaching, performing and journalism - overlap quite a bit. Where they dovetail most is this: audience.

Dumb animals and dumb luck

January 4, 2001 Animals have figured into the finding of several rich mines or lost treasures, according to an article by Gary Hinkley in the October 1998 issue of Lost Treasure magazine.

Experts differ on usefulness of missle defense

January 4, 2001 WASHINGTON (AP) - How's this for a scary scenario: Iran takes some missiles supplied by North Korea and places them, along with a mobile launcher, aboard an ordinary merchant ship.