Of rats’dreams, old-time blues

April 12, 2001 Rats apparently can't escape the rat race, even when they're sound asleep, according to a recent article by Associated Press writer Jay Lindsay.

Shortfalls affect programs

April 11, 2001 As this year's General Assembly session rapidly moves toward adjournment, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus are working hard to complete work on the state's budget.

Rhetoric heats up as session winds down

April 10, 2001 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Some veteran legislators are calling Mike Huckabee a fair weather governor who won't make a tough decision until he can blame someone else for the results.

Snippets from the Arkansas Legislative session

April 9, 2001 Notes from a legislative session: "Could the witness move closer to the microphone?" asked Sen. Mike Everett of Marked Tree, chairing a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee.