Actions beyond Neanderthal

January 16, 2001 Is it the free time? Is the fact that they don't have to raise/hunt/kill their own food? Are they reverting back to a Neanderthal time? I don't know. Who can tell?

Story of the Hail Building

January 15, 2001 The building at 231 East Main Street known as the Hail Building and currently housing Elizabeth's Restaurant and Catering stands as a lasting symbol of a story typical of others in Batesville's lon

School funding a problem in Arkansas, other states

January 15, 2001 Here's some school news. We'll start with the Arkansas stuff and then move onto a couple of items from a much smaller and a much larger state, both of them worthy of your attention.

Planning for financial future

January 12, 2001 Isn't Batesville a great place to live? Isn't all of Independence County? Isn't it important to keep them both that way - and to make them even better?

’09: Razor fight injures one woman

January 11, 2001 91 YEARS AGO It was reported to the Guard that the Hotel at Cord had burned at a great loss to Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Wineton, the owners.

Where do I sign?

January 11, 2001 A recent article in the New York Times commented on the state of farming in Montana and the massive amounts of federal farm subsidies flowing to that sparsely populated state.